Sitemap - 2021 - HEATED

Edelman’s dirty PR

Exxon is still denying climate science—including its own

How Exxon duped "The Daily"

The rich injustice of COP26

A strategy memo from Big Oil to Republicans

Big Oil is getting subpoenaed

Open thread: the Big Oil hearing

Misleading climate ads from Big Oil explode ahead of Big Oil climate hearing

How Joe Manchin controls the climate

The climate colonizer mentality

Biden's silent climate betrayal

Green snake oil

Coming soon: HEATED 2.0

The Joe Manchin climate doctrine

Two years of HEATED

Microsoft tweets concern for Ida victims while funding climate deniers in Congress

The questions we asked the New York Times

The NYT stopped shilling for cigarettes. Why won't it stop shilling for fossil fuels?

How to move beyond recycling (part 1)

I don't like IPCC report day

"We aren't comfortable running that"

Climate reporter burns out

Another way to change the world

"What can I do?" Anything.

Things get HEATED on CNN

A lie for a lie makes Exxon cry

Fish went to a climate protest (also, a newsletter update)

In the face of crisis, more delay

Career dreams and jobs thread

A clarification, and an interview

Why won't anyone ask why?

Manchin says climate goals too "aggressive"

All the times Keystone XL was inevitable

Brazil's climate sabotage

May 26 was good. The news made it bad.

Big Oil funds anti-trans lawmakers while flying rainbow flag

So, Jeff Bezos is a megalomaniac, right?

DHS helicopter sand-blasts indigenous pipeline protestors

Climate news to start your week

Biden's anti-weed budget is anti-climate

Work from home, save the planet? Ehhhh

A good day for life on Earth

BREAKING: A climate upheaval at Exxon

The wildfires are starting.

A new anti-climate leader

Correction: wrong comment button link

Open thread: Ask me anything

A Supreme Court win for Big Oil

That Kerry interview, whewww

Yes, it's a culture war

Mid-week thread: the meat question

Prepare for meat war

An Earth Day for Black lives

The climate case for abolition

My Earth Day inbox

The cutting room floor: Oil conference edition

Top climate leaders will participate in Big Oil-sponsored "sustainability" conference

Mike Rowe, oilsplainer

Voters support regulating Wall Street's fossil fuel investments

Against meatposting

How banks finance the climate crisis

The true cost of fossil fuel subsidies

Police ask Enbridge to pay for 7,500 hours of pipeline patrol

The experiences you created

Silence from Biden as Line 3 direct actions accelerate

Enbridge is plastering Minnesota newspapers with ads

AMA about Line 3. Also, pics!

Jane Fonda is mad at Joe Biden

The rationale for direct action

"I don't feel safe here"

Why Line 3? Why now?

A quick publishing break

Breaking the climate news bubble

A half mental health day

Fox is lying about wind energy. These brands are helping.

Liar, 70, dies

I need your input on Line 3

The climate is drunk again

The climate deniers Microsoft helped re-elect

Social media is letting the next big lie spread

Reading is FUNdamental

Let's talk about that Super Bowl ad

Bring in the climate clowns

A conversation about Keystone XL

Twitter's Big Oil ad loophole

A very Kerry weekend

Seen any good ads lately?

"Climate Day" should be every day

A fossil fuel town, saved by wind

Election deniers on the climate change caucus

The conservative climate fear-mongering begins

Goodbye, enemies. Hello, adversaries.

Lawmakers who denied Biden’s victory also embrace a deadlier conspiracy: climate denial

Canceling election deniers isn’t enough

Correction on today's story

Big Oil's extremist hypocrisy

Let's talk about eco-fascism

A climate win amid the chaos

The antler guy isn't a climate activist. He's an eco-fascist.

Essay on yesterday in the works

What’s the first climate policy you want the new Congress to pass?

Small correction

Big Tech's loudest climate advocate has a fossil fuel problem

A few short updates