Climate news to start your week

Line 3 protests intensity, the ANWR battle heats up, and the U.S. kicks Norway's butt. Plus, an excerpt of my interview with Numlock News.

Last week, I was interviewed by Walt Hickey, author of Numlock News. Our conversation was about the Exxon shareholder vote and Dutch climate ruling against Shell.

We already covered those things, so I won’t republish the entire interview. But I thought you’d be interested in the part where I talk about what’s next for HEATED.

Spoiler alert: I still haven’t completely figured it out. To be quite honest, this whole “world opening back up” thing has been difficult for my brain. I’ve been having a hard time thinking straight lately. But I’m still thinking—or at least, trying. And I do have a couple things in mind for the future.

As always, I’d be interested in hearing more from subscribers about what you’d like to see down the line. So please feel free to e-mail me, or leave a comment, with any and all of your thoughts.

After the transcript, you’ll find a list of climate stories to start your week. Enjoy.

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WALT HICKEY: You write the HEATED newsletter, a really, really wonderful source of news. What are you looking forward to this summer?

EMILY ATKIN: One of the things I like to do the most in the newsletter is make things that don't seem like they're about climate change, about climate change. Today, I wrote about an anti-marijuana provision in Biden's budget and how federal marijuana legalization would really help in the climate fight. So more stuff like that.

I also think that this summer we're going to be experiencing a lot of changes as we go "back to normal." So I'm going to be looking at ways to parallel how our new way of lives, post-pandemic, ties into climate change. Are we learning the lessons that COVID taught us? What are we actually doing? What are we failing to do? Because COVID taught us a lot of lessons about climate change.

COP26 is also in November, so I'm looking at that as well. The next round of international negotiations, over emissions, and who should be reducing them.

WH: Your close personal friend John Kerry will be involved, I imagine.

EA: Yes. My close personal friend who definitely likes me and doesn't hate me.

Yeah, and just keeping a bigger eye on all the propaganda coming from the oil and gas industry, and the banking industry and the airline industry, about how climate friendly they are.

Lately, I cannot turn on a television, I cannot turn on the radio, I’m just getting so bombarded by climate, environment-type propaganda from oil companies. And that is always a sign that they are very worried about what's about to happen with this administration.

WH: Well, sounds good to me. But, yes. Folks can find you at the newsletter, anywhere else that folks can find you these days?

EA: Just Twitter, for the most part. Twitter and the newsletter. I think one day, I'll try TikTok for climate stuff. I do love TikTok, I just don't have the energy to do it for work yet.

WH: You were very, very early to the Instagram climate teen scene. And so I am excited to see whatever you do in the TikTok space.

EA: Thank you so much. I think TikTok is wonderful.

WH: Right. This has been two millennials, congratulating one another about their use of younger platforms.

EA: I love that segment.

WH: It's my favorite segment.

Climate news to start your week

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