The battle for a livable future is a battle against fossil fuels. Right now, it's all hands on deck.
The New York Times' popular podcast aired a misleading climate ad during COP26, despite policies designed to prevent misinformation.
Many island nations weren't able to attend, making it easier for rich nations to ignore their cries for help.
A satirical note inspired by last week's six-hour hearing on climate disinformation.
The House Oversight Committee will issue subpoenas to oil companies for documents detailing their role in spreading climate misinformation.
Open thread: the Big Oil hearingOne of the most important climate-related Congressional hearings in history is about to begin. The CEOs of six major fossil fuel companies and t…
Some of D.C.'s most popular political newsletters have seen a recent increase in deceptive climate advertising from Big Oil, a HEATED and Earther inves…
The fossil fuel loyalist is supported by more than just oil money.
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