Correction on today's story

In today’s e-mail, I reported that 38 climate change protesters were arrested at the Colorado Capitol this week. That’s incorrect. Thirty-eight climate change protesters were arrested, but it happened this week last year. For some reason I saw 2020 on the dateline and thought that was this year. Apparently I still can’t accept we are living in 2021.

I am very sorry about the error. It is corrected on the web version of the story. If you want to share today’s edition with a friend, send that link instead of forwarding the e-mail.

Being one person (for now), I can’t promise I’ll get everything right 100 percent of the time. But I can promise I’ll let you know when I get it wrong. Special thanks to subscriber Kim Osborn Mullen for alerting me to the mistake. Accountability goes all ways!

Thanks for bearing with me. See you next week.