Fish went to a climate protest (also, a newsletter update)

If you read Monday’s newsletter, then you already know: this is a really big week for the climate. Everywhere you look, the news is saturated with climate stories. So you might be wondering: where’s HEATED?

The answer is: I’ve been reporting! And I’m writing a piece about this critical moment that I think is important. But writing is hard, so I want to give this one just a bit more time and attention. I think the end result will be more valuable than a week of hastily-written quick hit newsletters.

This update is just to tell you I’m chipping away. You’ll get a piece soon. In the meantime, I thought you might enjoy some pictures and video of Fish at the Sunrise Movement’s protest outside the White House on Monday. It was his first reporting trip, and he did great. He liked the drums and the yelling, and he even got recognized by a reader. But we did not stay too long, because it was hot. Remember: extreme heat is dangerous for dogs, too.

I really appreciate your patience. You’re the best. Hope it’s worth it. See you soon.