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Fossil fuel lobbyists pour into COP28

COP28 sucks. Pay attention anyway.

What does Taylor Swift owe the planet?

The Instagram wellness influencers spreading climate misinformation

Debunking the UAE's B.S.

Surprise! Billionaires aren’t solving climate change

Kim K's new nipple bra ad is greenwashing

An Exxon-funded scientist speaks out

Calling this "climate change" is not enough

How Big Beef muzzled methane research

The urgent need for methane literacy

143 coal plants and a punch in the face

Republicans use Israel-Hamas war to drum up fake climate controversy

Our modern-day Columbuses

Technically, that New York City flood was “mild”

Do we need to change our behavior?

How HEATED readers are moving the needle

How Exxon tried to twist climate science for profit

These insurers are screwing the public on climate change

Why did this climate scientist chain herself to a pipeline?

What you won't hear at India's G20

Al Gore's new TED talk is out

Why climate denial could still be taught at Texas schools

How Vivek Ramaswamy makes money from climate denial

Hilary took L.A.'s unhoused by surprise

PragerU says it's approved in Texas schools. It's not.

The real story behind ABC's Hawaii headline change

Justice for Hawaii?

Lahaina used to be a wetland

Eversource left the American Gas Association. These other “climate-friendly” utilities haven’t.

Your electric bill payments may be funding climate delay

The original “Climate Barbie”

On pizza, anger, and that Washington Post article

The Iowa meteorologist who quit after death threats got nice e-mails, too

Climate change comes to Comic-Con

Environmental warfare is the colonizer's favorite tool

Who gets arrested for climate crimes?

Did Epicurious break its no-beef pledge? An investigation

Al Gore has turned the corner

Oil companies are laughing while the world burns

HEATED goes to Hollywood

Even mainstream news outlets are causing fake pizza panic

Show this to anyone who says renewables are unreliable

No, climate activists are not coming for NYC pizza

Why Jay-Z’s new $200M house sucks

Our full interview with Pattie Gonia (video)

The queer nature of Pattie Gonia

Republicans are using wildfire smoke to spread LGBTQ+ hate

Don't blame Canada

Why the Senate's loudest climate advocate may vote to approve a fracked gas pipeline

Inside the fight over dead whales and wind

The mystery of climate-friendly beef

Something’s fishy in New Jersey

Why we're not calling it "natural gas" anymore

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The problem with Biden's new climate regulations

Climate misinformation is becoming law

Putting Big Oil’s profits in perspective

The environmental terrorism of police choppers

They pollute. You pay (literally).

Tucker Carlson's toxic environmental legacy

Why U.S. conservatives are flirting with eco-fascism

The climate cost of L.A.'s police choppers

Environmental injustice in Tennessee

Elon Musk's climate censorship

Big Oil's favorite way to lie: paltering


Biden's climate f*ckboy behavior

Stacey Abrams wants YOU (to go electric)

The IPCC makes it clear: fossil fuels must go

The climate case for getting a bidet

Willow is not just an “environmentalist” concern

The hidden toll of climate disasters

Growing our climate choir

The world promised to phase out fossil fuel subsidies. Instead, it doubled them.

Do fossil fuels have a place in the net zero transition?

This is what they call "essential for life"

These natural gas ads are full of hot air

Meet the man fueling clean energy opposition in the Midwest

Ed Markey probes AGU over fossil fuel funding

Fearmongering over footballs

You don't have to be angry to be a climate activist

What really happened at AGU?

Three small things

Why gas stoves actually matter

This is all the gas industry's fault

Edelman's climate cop-out

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