Apr 8, 2020 • 1HR 9M

For subscribers: My unedited Anthony Rogers-Wright interview

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Emily Atkin
A podcast for people who are pissed off about the climate crisis.
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Hey there, paid subscribers! ICYMI, episode 3 of the HEATED podcast is out now. You should have gotten an email with the final cut and written transcript about an hour ago.

The above audio file contains my raw, unedited interview with Climate Justice Alliance policy coordinator Anthony Rogers-Wright. Do not listen to it if you do not like cursing. Actually maybe don’t listen to the episode in general if you don’t like cursing. There is… quite a bit of cursing.

We’re only cursing, though, because shit is fucked up! (Sorry). Climate change and coronavirus are both massive injustices—and that’s no a coincidence. Every societal problem is an injustice when the systems holding society together are unjust. COVID-19 demands that the most privileged in society reflect on how to change these systems. If we don’t, black and brown and indigenous and poor people will continue to die at a disproportionate rate.

Also, cursing makes talking about terrible things more fun. As I think I’ve shown many times, getting angry feels way better than being sad.

I think today’s podcast, edited or unedited, will do the former more than the latter. Hope you enjoy.

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