I have increasingly little faith that the United States (I won't speak of or for any other country, since I don't live there) will do ANYTHING to avoid the catastrophe which appears to be heading our way. The Democrats lack the will to do anything of substance; the Republicans deny that the problem even exists.

What a depressing time to be alive in this country.

Fish is awesome, though!

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Great summary of the fossil nuggets in this report. I think it's worth noting what the IPCC is talking about when it refers to [un]abated fossil fuels. It doesn't mean reduced use. It means with climate impact reduced. This is the footnote: "In this context, ‘unabated fossil fuels’ refers to fossil fuels produced and used without interventions that substantially reduce the amount of GHG emitted throughout the life cycle; for example, capturing 90% or more CO2 from power plants, or 50–80% of fugitive methane emissions from energy supply."

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" all those things are changeable with enough mobilization and advocacy."

But what if this doesn't work or isn't enough? What do we do then?

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As always, the United States proves a paragon of excellence on climate policy. *pours shot of alcoholic beverage*

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Great article, nice discussion. We agree on everything. I added some historical information on James Hansen and a discussion of Climate Science Culture in my take on the report. That's the anthropologist showing I guess.

I think what's going on in the field of Climate Science is important for context in understanding how to read this report. There is a civil war going on in the field as it makes a paradigm shift.

The Old Climate Moderates from the 80's are in control of the current narrative. 80% of Climate Scientists think they got it wrong.

The cognitive dissonance going on around that is profound and has a BIG influence on what gets said, and put into reports.

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Here is the Report Summary captured as a word cloud: some words like high, and confidence, were removed since they don't help us grasp the central ideas being broadcast in the summary of the report.


Spoiler - emissions, climate, global, warming, and adaptation are the top five words

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