Manchin is garbage. So is Sinema.

Fish is awesome. Hope you're doing ok, Emily.

Thanks, as always, for the work.

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This is so heavy to read. Especially the way you clearly articulated what we've just lost, and the untold suffering that is basically ensured, thanks to the greed and cruelty of one man. It honestly makes me sick to my stomach to think about it. This was the most gut-punch part for me:

"Because Manchin’s solutions are less extreme than the full-out denial of the Republican caucus, this forthcoming deal with Biden will likely be seen by some as a climate compromise. The reality, however, is a climate surrender. Scientists have made it clear: preventing irreversible damage requires an extremely drastic transition away from fossil fuels. So if a climate policy package doesn’t attempt to make that transition, it’s not really a climate policy package. It’s a package of attempts to placate the public while ensuring a gradually harsher, costlier climate for centuries to come."

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It is somewhat simplistic to subscribe Manchin's motives to his donors. We climate folks can stamp our feet and hold our breath till we turn blue and it will make no difference to Manchin an d Sinima. We have to trust the President to get the best deal he can and fortunately for us, his team does know what they are doing. We all wish the process was different and more fair. It isn't. But we will be able to build out on what we get to get more reductions

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