This ecofascism also lurks in the discussion about "overpopulation". There seems to be a growing trend among White "Climate Activists" that the problem isn't over consumption by the developed nations/people (the White 20%) it's "overpopulation".

Generally they aren't shy about saying that there are "too many" Black and Brown people.

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Wow. I didn’t see this article coming but this gives me much to think about and look for in the days ahead. You have a really cool way of writing and communicating Emily and you sure come up with some front-burner topics!

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“While this global rise in eco-fascist rhetoric is deeply concerning, it’s not inevitable. But the only way to prevent it is to understand its potential power.”

Thank you for helping me understand this! It’s so important because those of us who earnestly wish to create a United front in the war against climate change may inadvertently fall into this fold. It’s insidious and filled with innuendo. I am grateful for your reporting as I may very easily be duped by clever fascists. After all, this is how it happened in Germany about a century ago.


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LOVED this piece. Probably my favorite HEATED in awhile! Already put "Ecofascism: Lessons from the German Experience" on my to-read list.

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Well, Wallace has been famous in the neighborhood for a while now - may as well make him a global environmental hero! I hope it doesn't go to his head - maybe you can offer a few pointers from Fish.

As for the article - I'm not surprised a bit; when your underlying message is unsupportable by facts and logic, it is essential to find some clever deception to make it appear palatable. Conservatives have been doing it for years - GW Bush had the most environmentally friendly house in Texas, but his policies reversed any good that house did by an exponential factor. I would use the lipstick on a pig analogy, but I happen to like pigs.

We can only hope that a) most people will have a difficult time swallowing the "I'm concerned about the environment - really!" tripe and b) the rest will at least be aware of efforts like yours and others to point out the overt deception. Keep up the good work!

PS - thanks to our friend Elon, I became aware of a much nicer alternative to the fowl messaging platform. Hope to see you soon & often on Substack Notes.

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Hi Emily, Glad to hear that you are in my home town of Boise for the conference. Might try to wander over to the conference in hopes of getting to meet you, shake your hand and thank you for all the great work you are doing. It looks like a great conference. Glad you made the time.

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This is not new, it's repackaged but it has roots that go back to the 50's/60's. Have you ever seen the movie "The Planet of the Apes"?

What few Americans know is that the movie is based on a French novel. Written by an extreme ethno-nationalist who used "sci-fi" to disguise his racist message. The "apes" are Black Africans and the theme is the "replacement" of European Whites by hordes of immigrants from Africa.

That was in the early 60's and the fear then was global food shortages due to overpopulation.

White America is TERRIFIED of the reality that Whiteness is genetically due to isolation and inbreeding. It's not "natural", as evidenced by 80% of the world being "not White". As soon as "Whites" stop inbreeding and mix with the larger population pool globally, it vanishes.

White America and White Europe has been afraid of this for decades. It is a HUGE hidden driver of their social policy choices.

These days it's not so hidden.

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Immigrants are just humans looking for a life that's worth living. The othering native to conservatives disgusts me.

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White Skin, Black Fuel: On the Danger of Fossil Fascism is an absolute must-read on this subject. I admit to being a broken record on the subject, but it's amazing. https://hillheat.substack.com/p/fascistic-futurism

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Hope the conference has some great info - but it's Idaho. So keep your heads on a swivel. Beautiful countryside, but there's some real monsters lurking there.

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I was interested in this article because of some "closer to home" examples that I'm familiar with. I've been a lifetime member of the Sierra Club since 1986, and most of what they've done over the years, I think, has been positive. As you're aware, though, some of the early Sierra Club members, including John Muir himself, had some racist-sounding ideas, and for a lot of its early history, it was a club of mostly white, fairly affluent men (mostly) who weren't that concerned about racial injustice. They've gotten better, but as recently as the early 2000s, there was an attempt by an anti-immigration faction to take over the Board of Directors, which fortunately was beaten back. In even more recent, actively-positive moves, they've been trying to do much better, though, including (just this year) appointing Ben Jealous, former head of the NAACP, as the first non-white Executive Director. A reminder, perhaps, that even the "good guys" can often make some improvements.

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Emily & Arielle

I love your site as it keeps me informed on the hive mind of the left 😊

You mention the event you are attending. I took a look at the agenda….

Its ok from a strict environmental point of view, but the speaker list are all career environmentalists that may not have a balanced view between advocation and reality and its also full of a lot of reporters who are by tradition left leaning woke driven advocates who get paid to generate panic in the general public to sell more media… so a huge pinch (bucket) of salt is required..

My biggest beef is that the whole climate change and environmental movement is over-stepping and getting far too much attention, and we need far more balance before our governments move forward on climate mitigation policies… so I am less concerned about this “name calling” and more concerned about realistic dialogue and realistic policies.

Look….. We all like hugging trees, but we still need a modern balanced industrialized and prosperous society. Much more balance please!!!!!.

ITS CLEAR ….Climate change has become far removed from the notion of science and is now all to do with politics and some weird form of virtue driven social religion. And of course, this means name calling and positioning to align with and stay “in” with followers and get votes.

I looked at the concept of eco-fascist… This from Wikipedia…Originally, the term "eco-fascist" was considered an academic term for a “hypothetical type of government which would militantly enforce environmental measures over the needs and freedoms of its citizens”.

In my opinion we are now close to eco-fascism in many western countries with Canada clearly qualifying with taxes and legislation on the climate change initiative exercising its power through both green taxation and funding… which is the main power that a government uses on its citizens. (No-one voted for what is happening)

Certainly, the US with its current government funding profile and other legislations is almost in the same place..

So as far as I can see, it’s the left leaning and UN aligned governments and woke driven culture that should be called fascist with any other pronoun you want to use… eco-fascist, multilateral-fascist, global-fascist, anti-national fascist, etc. They are also the most non scientific in their leaning with the suppression (authoritarian) on any open debate on the science of climate change, when its clear the science is far from settled, and we are clearly heading in the wrong direction based on many relevant scientific peer published reports…. (I can share these if you want.)

Fascism definition …. an authoritarian and nationalistic right-wing system of government and social organization.

OK … OK…The far right and the right leaning parties get the fascist tag as they are far more “nationalistic” in direction and much more now with the Trump movement, and are now more anti-globalist, anti-multilateral, anti-immigration and anti climate change emergency, but are highly supportive of conservation and clean air and water etc.. (This has been improved significantly in the last 3 decades although always more to do)

In many respects, other than perhaps abortion, the right is turning out to be far more grounded in reality than the left, and lets hope the general population wakes up (not woke) soon in the next election.

So, I would say the political left is far more aligned with communism or a strong form of socialism than fascism.. and in my opinion far more authoritarian and dangerous!!!.

My wish is that whatever government we deserve via the fair use of democracy they will improve their balanced listening skills before they charge off on policies not based on scientific facts and all in the wrong direction.

Here are some links that may better advise your participants..

News Posts Archive - CO2 Coalition https://co2coalition.org/


Another 0.5 Degree of Warming Will Kill Us All? (constantcontact.com) https://co2coalition.org/

I highly recommend taking this quiz……. Climate Quiz - CO2 Coalition

Also take a look at my new book at www.nigelsouthwayauthor.com which is an industrial perspective on the damage being done with the wrong climate change policies.

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You did it, Emily! You got rid of Tucker!

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Made my day! I got to meet Emily in person and shake her hand and thank her. She is a rock star!

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Saying "eco-fascism" has "some problems" is like saying swimming in shark-infested waters with a bleeding open wound is "questionable." The only brand of "fascism" with which I want to be associated is antifascism. Full stop.

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Just the sight of the execrable Tucker Carlson makes my blood boil. He is venomous purveyor of deceit and hate, and since Rush Limbaugh's passing, Carlson may be the individual who most has poisoned this country's body politic.

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