Great article. TC was a swine and should have been off the air years ago.

This is the hard part for white Americans who are not part of WHITE America to accept and deal with.

2 out of 3 WHITES in America vote Trumpublican. Only 1 out of 3 whites votes Democrat.

This has been true for over over 40 years. It is what has driven our politics since the 70's.

In America, Trumpublican WHITES are the norm for wypipo.

Unless you were raised in a Democratic family, most of your relatives are probably racist a-hats.

What's changing is that they are about to lose power.

In California, whites have become a "majority minority" (less than 50% but still largest racial bloc). When this happened California went Democratic immediately.

Because the Trumpublicans have nothing to offer anyone other than more racism, homophobia, misogyny, and WHITE Exceptionalism (white people did EVERYTHING good in history, their history books tell them so). When they become a majority minority nationally, the same thing that happened in California will happen across the country.

That's why they are having their meltdown and people like Nigel Southway (see his comment) are making their nasty little racist comments about "immigration". Replacement is "real", they are about to lose power because there are too few of them to win at the ballot box.

This was on track to happen around 2036, as the Boomers (who overwhelmingly vote Trumpublican and have since 1972) are dying off. GenZ is 51% minority. Even if 2/3 of the white population still votes for the White Nationalist Trumpublican party, it wouldn't matter. Just like in California, while they can hold onto power in states that are low population and overwhelming WHITE (ND, SD, ID, MT, etc) they will lose everywhere else.

Their days in power were numbered already. Then Dobbs happened.

Dobbs was a disaster for them. The Zealots they packed the SC with jumped the gun and killed ROE before the Trumpublicans were securely in power again. The 2022 midterm shows how incredibly bad that was politically for the WHITES who desperately want to force White women to have more babies.

72% of white women in the 19-30 age range voted Democrat. The only group of white women that the Trumpublicans got a majority of, was women over 60 (Boomer White Women).

Abortion REALLY matters to women and Dobbs polarized a whole generation of women against Trumpublican IDEALS. Those women under 30 will probably NEVER vote for a Trumpublican candidate for ANYTHING.

Soon there will be more of them than there are Boomer Women (to be clear, there are way more Boomer women than Boomer men, men die younger).

By my analysis, Dobbs accelerated the fall of the Trumpublicans from around 2036 to around 2028.

Everything that's happening in our country right now is being driven by this political/demographic reality. This is the "last stand" of WHITE dominance in American politics. Which makes it an incredibly dangerous moment for our nation.

Moments like this often result in civil wars, ethnic/racial "cleansing", and genocides.

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I worry about who will replace Tucker. In the meantime, he should be condemned for his role in promulgating these views.

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Tucker Carlson's legacy is just plain toxic in every sense.

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Tucker, and Republicans in general, keep telling on themselves when they demonize immigration and in the very next breath decry declining birth rates in the US. It’s never been about “crowding” or the environment, it always goes back to making sure the “right” people maintain their superiority.

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Thank you for writing about this and about eco fascism rhetoric and beliefs more broadly. You are absolutely right, this is his legacy and this is the current position of the right wing, and more specifically Republican politicians going into elections will take this view on the campaign when asked to address environmental questions. I think that is guaranteed at this point. Because to expand on what another commenter said, this is what non Democratic family members are saying. And like I said before, this is what a lot of young men "interested" in the climate are saying when I try to organize young people for voting.

And I know more mainstream journalists will act shocked when Republicans basically repeat all those Tucker Carlson quotes you listed. And THEN treat it as another side in the "debate" over climate. Another example of his legacy.

When you have already always been doing the right thing all along. Thank you.

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Well, if "litter" is really a concern of TC's, then he should support a requirement to cover the beds of pickup trucks. It's amazing how packaging and other stuff just magically disappears from them, as soon as they reach cruising speed. Believe me I've seen the little vortices of debris, and even contributed out of ignorance or sloth a few times. I don't see folks just rolling down their windows and tossing stuff.

But then again, that old eco-fascist Ed Abbey wrote that littering roadways was OK since roadways were litter on the landscape already. Perhaps with his tongue in his cheek a bit.

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Steady Emily…..

let’s not over confuse immigration which has its own set of issues with environment…

The only cross over comment made was that overcrowding cities (which is where most new immigrants go) leads to a breakdown in the support structure. (I just came back from LA, I saw it with my own eyes)

Its clear that we are in many western nations struggling to cope with the level of immigration either unplanned or planned and that is a fact. It has nothing to do with racism or other nasty things that get said, and everything to do with the sustainability of our society for the existing citizens…

We have many issues on sustainability including population support and Tucker is correct that Immigration is making it worse.

The problem with the left woke thinking is a belief that everyone is entitled to entry to our society….. This is so wrong …… our first responsibility should be to our existing citizens and the national prosperity. If you cannot fathom that then it’s a discussion as to what constitutes a nation. For most people it’s a place we want to be proud to be part of, earn the right to live within, will fight for, and will protect with laws and borders, and seek to improve for ALL its citizens.

Of course …. we should add new citizens but only if they add value to these goals… I just don’t see that with most current immigration and that’s the point of dispute.

On the topic of Fox and Tucker Carlson… no one demands you watch it… Its called free speech and if you cannot agree with that then we have real problems.

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