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Back in the "good old days" we had this quaint old concept called "good faith." It was the single, overriding foundation any time a person would engage in business relationships, friendships, reporting, romance, or government service. Very simply, it meant that as much as possible, you had to be honest about your intentions and your desired outcomes. Those who did not act in "good faith" were soon recognized and shunned by the community - so that no one else would fall prey to their lack of good faith.

Over time, we've lost that. First, it was OK if advertisers promised way beyond their products' benefits - we just knew that even if it wasn't that good, it was pretty good anyway. Then it became sort of a joke in movies and TV shows when a man or woman was constantly unfaithful or dishonest in their on-screen romances. Eventually, one step at a time, our tolerance for bullshit has expanded to a ridiculous degree. And so now it's considered good and just to lie your ass off to achieve your goals.

Lie, cheat, steal - pretty soon you get tired of all the winning. This is why we can't have nice things.

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Look... they may have a point.... as its fact that both wind and solar generate more CO2 than they save and are not cost effective and are a danger to the environment...

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