Emily. I’m pretty sure that the livestock industry has attempted to sanitize what happens inside a slaughterhouse by (Among other things) adopting and promoting the term “meat packing plant” instead. We shouldn’t support them in this effort. Thanks.

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I couldn't have said any of it any better! No meat is not "essential." Food is and there are plenty of food choices besides meat. As someone who has not eaten red meat since she was 16, gave up the occasional chicken and fish in the early 2000s and became totally Vegan in 2014, I can assure you I am still alive and kicking at 57 without meat.

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The meat order is just more culture war with the GOP "owning the libs" and making our knees jerk.

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Emily - you need to update the story. There have not been 1 million COVID deaths (yet). It's more like 220,000.

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Sending these workers back to work is ridiculous in my view.

But, from a food waste perspective and ,loosely, an animal rights perspective, does the order not reduce the amount of waste via culls and “depopulating” livestock?

The Guardian reported that 2 million chickens had to be euthanized last week. Selective breeding has made the chickens plump and heavy, so much so that their skeletons cannot handle it and they die after about 45 days.


Would this order prevent more livestock from being killed and discarded?

Reducing waste is a good thing.

Sending workers back to processing plants is irresponsible and dangerous.

Killing animals without them having any use is terrible - what if pet food was overproduced instead of culling and processing for human consumption reopened?

We do eat a ridiculous amount of meat in this country don’t get me wrong, but if the animals raised for food are to do die, is it not better for them to be put to some use?

I’m torn. Yes people can yell and say killing animals for any reason is barbaric etc, I’m making the point that we cannot change that fact today, or stop the country from eating meat today, so acknowledging that, is it better to process the livestock and open plants, or cull them and send people into the farms/supplies/plants to do that.


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