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So proud to support the work that HEATED (thank YOU, Emily and Arielle--and, Shana Tovah!) does!

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Great article! Another accounting of how fossil fuel backed magnates and their political minions use the fake argument of “climate reality” to keep the world in “climate fantasy”, one where oil giants chose to sell their products over decarbonizing while ignoring their own science and the very credible climate science of what will happen to the earth as we surpass 1.5 - 2 degrees C. This is the biggest conspiracy ever created, and it’s still underway. Thank you to Heated for pushing back and beating the drum of reality!

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Emily and team, this is fantastic investigative journalism and I love the new formats. If you are looking for corruption of legislation by fossil fuel front group influence at the state level, NH is a good example. We have Gov Chris Sununu at the helm (yes, his father is denier John Sununu - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hvGQMZFP9IA). And the House Republican Whip Jeanine Notter has received $11,500 in reimbursements to go on boondoggle trips to attend Koch Network (ALEC, Heartland Institute, and other conferences - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1-WtoR-_yCeF7def8KMZJM8pxw8iJok0cIeTndehfXGE/edit?usp=drivesdk), then supports bills straight from those groups (eg. preemption bills to prevent towns from making rules that could reduce fossil fuel consumption - about: https://climate-xchange.org/2022/05/19/webinar-recap-tackling-preemption-fighting-state-efforts-to-block-municipal-climate-action, and in practice: https://energynews.us/2021/09/27/new-hampshire-gas-law-handcuffs-local-government-on-climate-friendly-construction/). There's plenty more evidence like that, eg this HR17 testimony: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1bkrLzQCcSUcSiakra1bWKGBjklHCRA_ufZJ0MWALDX0/edit?usp=drivesdk.

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Awesome news can’t wait to see it all over video feeds.

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I have a bumper sticker that says "Exxon Knew- Make them Pay". And yet, is Exxon to blame for the media, such as weather channels, continually denying that our storms are made stronger by the climate crisis? In Az, there were 50 some days of over 110 degrees. We just had a storm with 80 mph winds. Not a peep about why. Is it because all of the media companies are invested in fossil fuels?

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So what?

The leaders of the energy companies are doing the correct thing to avoid NetZero.

We need Climate change reality..

It’s now time for politicians, the media, and the many climate activists to show far more social responsibility and stop driving the wrong NetZero policies that will destroy the sustainability of our civilizations.

We must ensure we halt censorship and the blocking of the scientific process so that all the subjugated scientists who have been cowed by the climate emergency politics to have the fortitude to put the scientific horse in front of the political cart and participate in reaching a better level of truth.

We need much more open discussion and honesty by all involved to ensure a far better understanding of the following facts and develop more realistic polices and ensure they are correctly communicated to the general population, so that we can turn them from climate alarmists into climate realists.

The following are scientific facts and positions that are now supported by many scientists.

Human generated pollution in all forms on land, sea, and air, must be an ongoing focus and we must strive for the balanced sustainability of our environment our economies and our societies.

There is NO climate emergency, in-fact we are currently for most areas of the planet in a very good period for humankind.

The current warming cycle of our climate is natural and controlled by the cosmos and the solar system and will vary due to the position of the earth in relation to the sun in predictable cycles.

CO2 does not control planet temperature, in-fact temperature controls CO2.

CO2 increases are mostly natural and good news for the global food supply.

Fossil fuels are not a significant “climate changer” and has only a 10% impact on any CO2 increase.

All the climate scare tactics about biblical levels of extreme weather, hurricanes, floods, storms, droughts, fires, and sea level rise etc.…are not supported by past trends or current facts.

NetZero and CO2 mitigation is impractical, unnecessary and a danger to our prosperity.

We may need some climate adaption for some locations, and this can only be accomplished with planned adaption using the power of fossil fuels.

Fossil fuel providers must not be persecuted, but must be encouraged to provide much more capacity, and when economically practical offer cleaner energy solutions. The use of fossil fuels will be essential for any sustainability and improvement in prosperity, and certainly will be the only option in the developing world.

So called renewables such as wind and solar and the use of EVs for propulsion is proving to be unreliable and uneconomical as a replacement for fossil fuels.

Nuclear power must be utilized much more into the future as it offers the best solution for highest energy with the lowest pollution impact.

On the question ..what do many scientists who disagree with IPCC say… here is the link..


Here is a nice study getting some traction..


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