I see a big opportunity in the relationship between air pollution and COVID comorbidities and associated fatality rates. If only a journalist would ask about this at one of these press conferences, "Since we know that air pollution increases COVD-19 fatalities, will you put the previous air pollution regulations back in place to save lives?" With 8m people watching the daily circus we'd get a lot of traction in one minute.

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The completely unjustified attacks on the "white" environmental movement of past decades show that the social justice movement remains uninformed and hostile to those who, with little or no pay, spent their lives fighting air and water pollution, workplace safety, coastal zone and wilderness and endangered species protection and dangerous synthetic chemicals....without one iota of recognition or SUPPORT from black communities and the left. The reason environmental groups were mostly white was simple: blacks preferred to organize and control their own communities rather than joining in or working alongside these groups. Blacks defined environmental issues not as scientific or technological problems but as disempowerment, racism and poverty. Nothing ever prevented black activists from joining or working with these groups. They were welcome. But they refused to do so, deliberately. Now the social justice climate activists are trying to denigrate or dismiss the fifty-year efforts of white activists. They are overlooking the fact that without those groups we would never have any of the

laws and policies we have today, either nationally or locally. These are the people that

put their lives and livelihoods on the line for EVERYONE, not just whites or the wealthy. They are the reason we have any natural areas, resources or wildlife at all today. It is high time for these negative divisive attitudes to stop and for them to acknowledge the actual HISTORY and PEOPLE that created the movement they are now trying to co-opt, by putting social justice ahead of the planet. For shame! You are irresponsible. You are uneducated. Wake up and learn to cooperate with others. You won't win on your own.

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Oh wow. So it’s black people’s fault they don’t feel welcome in the environmental movement? That’s really the comment you want to make while they’re disproportionately dying?

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The stubborn ignorance and divisiveness and the reverse racism is blatant. As if the present health crisis had anything to do with the topic at hand?

Classic diversion tactic. Change the topic. Ignore what the person actually said. Dump some more guilt on racist whites. All without any knowledge of

history or the movement.

Classic response: diversion. Change the topic. As if the virus crisis had anything to do with the topic at hand. The liberals in this country are retards when it comes to history and facts. History for them started yesterday. All whites are racist and wrong. Defer to blacks and everyone with a gripe, whether justified or not. Let the white environmentalists get smeared and insulted….that will make YOU look so superior, so moral….as long as you agree with the blacks or any other ‘oppressed’ group. You are signalling your virtue by bashing whites. You get a medal for abasement. You get points from the black community for supporting their baseless attacks. You are a Good Person. Even if uninformed.

And the black community stays outside the environmental movement from where it can cast stones, act righteous and disparage its allies who gave time, energy and commitment starting in 1970 to protect them and their environment and health. For the blacks, these were enemies. But under no condition let it appear that they did anything worthwhile...otherwise you couldnt attack them.

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Are you going to continue throwing out baseless claims or provide some sort of evidence of the reverse racism you refer to?

People of color have historically been ignored by societal systems and as such were less involved, it wasn’t a conscious effort to “ignore” a movement.

The burden of proof lies with you, what are you basing this view on? Has anyone written in support of your view?

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I am fed up with the wild repeated accusations that all whites are inherently racist. That's a reverse racist belief. And you can read it in letters everywhere. Even if they WERE, what could be done about it?

Give all whites polygraph tests; ask them: are you a racist? do you hate

blacks? Accusations fired at everyone just bounce off. They are meaningless. So are broad generalizations of all kinds. People arent using their minds. They are just parroting the gripes of all oppressed people. This is not politics. It's just a Culture of Complaint, and liberals join in the muddled chorus so they feel virtuous.

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