Back in the 1930's, when Chicago was trying to rid itself of the influence of wealthy criminals, they didn't call on Al Capone to lead the conference, and they didn't invite Bugsy Siegel, John Dillinger, or Vito Genovese to get their input on the matter - even though these were the biggest and richest players. You don't invite arsonists to a conference on fire safety, or the KKK to a symposium on racism.

This is nothing but a PR stunt by the lead criminals, that's all. Climate talks? What a crock! These aren't climate talks, they're business conferences to find ways to increase profits for the fossils, that's all. There is no shade of lipstick that's going to make this pig presentable at the opera.

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I too have little or no confidence that the oil and gas industry is prepared to make the necessary changes to become a partner in meeting the warming targets.

But the conundrum, imo, is that we can’t meet those targets without them-the thought of which makes me feel a bit ‘slimy.’

Let’s hope this COP leaves the door ajar.

Thank you for your journalism!


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Today's New York Times article on the shady industrial route of "integrating" stolen catalytic converters back into the manufacturing stream says: "During processing, the metal is blended with legitimate supplies from mines and scrapyards, The New York Times found, before being sold primarily to companies that make catalytic converters for automakers, as well as pharmaceutical companies for cancer and other drugs, military contractors for weapons production, and banks for their precious-metals trading desks, among others. By then, it is nearly impossible to separate what’s legal from what’s not."

That would make the raw materials "unabated," right?

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Excellent article! At least for me, I would hope to see language that calls for explicitly phasing out coal. I think getting that into an agreement, while still nowhere where it should be, would represent an achievement.

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Thanks for calling like it is, B.S.. Another attempt at misdirection while culling us to permanent sleep.

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