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Apr 18, 2020Liked by Emily Atkin

When will even enlightened media get around to covering and comparing climate solutions? In that whole interview, the main cause (misinformation and fossil fuel emissions) were mentioned briefly, but nothing about how to address either, or why the press doesn't touch them.

There is a bipartisan bill in Congress that will reduce US emissions by 40 percent in twelve years and 90 percent in thirty, and push a strong carbon price around the world. It is certainly not the only thing to do, but it would make an enormous difference. It will only happen when people learn about it and vocally support it. How are most people going to learn about it if the news never covers the solution options?


Also, there's an online Earth Day event next Saturday that everyone concerned about climate change should attend:


It features a keynote address by Dr. Katharine Hayhoe, she's a leading climate scientist and one of the most effective climate solutions communicators on the planet. There will be actions to take, and then a break out session that offers a Climate Advocate Training Workshop.

Don't miss it! And please invite a conservation-minded friend from across the isle from where you sit. There are bipartisan climate solutions, and we all need to help make a place for conservatives to join in the conversation about them.

Of course, invite all your climate action advocate friends too!

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